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When you're starting to drown between safety concerns, EHS duties and helping your CEO - OHS Insider is there to help get the logistical work out of the way. Need a policy because of a regulatory change? We've got it for you. Need some quick training on a specific OHS topic? We've got it for you. OHS Insider is here to help, 24/7 - like a best friend.

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OHS Insider provides the resources you need to craft, implement and monitor policies with confidence. Our team of experts (which includes lawyers, analysts and OHS professionals) keeps track of complex legislation, pending changes, new interpretations and evolving case law to provide you with the policies and procedures to keep you ahead of problems.

OHS Insider serves multiple purposes for us. It reinforces what we are doing well (while helping us stay that way through legislative updates), and helps us see areas where we can improve and grow. 

OHS Director

(On OHS Insider Webinars) This webinar was very effective in explaining and discussing topics within the due diligence umbrella. We look forward to more.


I save days of work by using OHS Insider's ready-to-use tools!

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